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Mike Lupica, Sports on Earth: The Falcons are the great

13 Juni 2017 Keine Kommentare

After the 1 1 draw at Barnsley, I had the temerity to suggest on Twitter that things aren all doom and gloom at Hillsborough. That a draw away in a local derby against a team in the top half of the table wasn a bad result. That being in the top six should be seen as a good thing..

Mike Lupica, Sports on Earth: “The Falcons are the great, wonderful surprise of the NFL season, a 100 to 1 shot at the start of it. It is surprises like this that keep us coming back in sports. The Falcons open as a slight underdog, but just in terms of history, and the fact that they are going up against one of the best organizations in professional sports history and the kind of Evil Empire that the Yankees used to be.

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